Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't, on ''Alien3,'' the ''Brady Bunch,'' and ''The Waterdance''

Mail from our readers

Dream Weaver
I have to disagree with Sigourney Weaver’s comment that ”there’s no way I can compete with Julia Roberts or Michelle Pfeiffer” (120, May 29). Weaver easily ranks among Hollywood’s hottest and most talented actresses. She has got beauty, brains, brawn — and modesty!
Brian D. Davis
College Station, Tex.

Owen Gleiberman’s glowing review of Alien3 was either a prerequisite for getting Sigourney Weaver on your cover or the result of a private screening catered with spiked popcorn. Not only did he give away the film’s only real surprise, he failed to point out this unworthy sequel’s lack of imagination. Audiences — and aliens — deserve better.
Dean Lamanna
Los Angeles

As a hard-core fan of the Alien series and of Sigourney Weaver, I was expecting to be taken away into a haunted house and flung around on a roller coaster, screaming my head off. Instead, what I got was a big-budget B movie full of discrepancies, unanswered questions, bland dialogue, stupid story lines, and the most annoying split-second editing I have ever seen. Let’s hope Alien3 was a dream Ripley had in hypersleep.
Joe Clossick
Orlando, Fla.

Your article on the Brady Bunch phenomenon was funny and informative. Yet you mentioned the characters’ best quotes without including Bobby’s. Does the line ”Mom always said don’t play ball in the house” ring a bell?
Paul Volpe
Derek Tague
West Orange, N.J.

I absolutely loved your Brady Bunch article. I noticed one mistake: On the ”Silver Platters” episode the name of the group the Bradys lost to was Patty’s Prancing Poodles, not Pauline’s.
Cindy Ellsworth

Mullen Can’t Dance
I am alternately amused and annoyed by Jim Mullen’s Hot Sheet. One entry made my annoyance slip to disgust: Of The Waterdance, a movie featuring actors playing paraplegics, Mullen wrote: ”White men who really can’t jump.” Political correctness aside, such a statement shows a sad lack of consideration. It is one thing to make fun of people for their actions and their complicity in questionable events. It is quite another to ridicule people for a misfortune over which they had no control.
David Levithan
Short Hills, N.J.

”Road Worriers” (News & Notes) asks: ”Who’ll spend $20 on ancient acronyms like CSN or ELP (during this summer’s rock tours)?” The answer is no one, since CSN and ELP aren’t acronyms. (Abbreviations for Crosby, Stills & Nash and Emerson, Lake & Palmer would have to form words to be acronyms.) As for myself, I suppose that at 34 I’m ”ancient” enough to want to see both bands this summer.
Glenn Krell
San Francisco