Disney releases Goofy-themed videos -- We review ''Fun On The Job!,'' ''The Goofy World of Sports,'' and ''Happy Summer Days''

Fun On the Job

Disney releases Goofy-themed videos

Roger Rabbit got it right when he gushed, ”Goofy-what a genius!” Unfortunately, in these three half-hour collections of shorts made between 1935 and 1961 (each tape has four cartoons, a couple of which are new to video), some Goofy star vehicles and Goofy-Mickey-Donald ensembles are mixed up with cartoons that don’t include the great Goof at all.

Fun on the Job! works the funny bone hardest, as Goofy botches clock cleaning, baggage tending, fire fighting, and elephant washing with a set of slow-burn takes that only get funnier on repeat viewings. There’s less to laugh at in The Goofy World of Sports, which scores with Goofy bungling his way through Olympics events but waters the mix with a dud motorboat escapade, ”Aquamania,” and a tiresome Donald Duck golf game in which his nephews, predictably, torture him. Happy Summer Days scrapes bottom with another so-so Donald cartoon, a terribly drawn 1953 Mickey (his last short till the ’80s), and Goofy as a dad in two jabs at suburbia so sour they may make tykes wince. On the Job: A World of Sports: B Summer Days: C-

Fun On the Job
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