We rate TV shows that turned into movies -- The transition to the big screen was not kind to ''The Gong Show,'' ''Get Smart,'' and ''The Munsters''

Sure, TV shows like The Addams Family, Batman, and Star Trek have grown up to become big theatrical movies. Yet some TV favorites really should have stayed on the small screen. And that’s exactly where you’ll find the following duds today: on home video or haunting the late-night listings.

TV Show: The Munsters Movie: Munster, Go Home! Gimmick: Herman and family go to Britain. Does It Work? Not a bad idea, just 25 years too early. C+

TV Show: Thunderbirds Movies: Thunderbirds Are Go!, Thunderbird Six Gimmick: Marionettes save the world. Does It Work? Almost, though the performances are wooden. B

TV Show: Candid Camera Movie: What Do You Say to a Naked Lady? Gimmick: Allen Funt meets T&A. Does It Work? Barely. B-

TV Show: Get Smart Movie: The Nude Bomb Gimmick: Maxwell Smart goes disco. Does It Work? Shoulda been 86’ed. C-

TV Show: The Gong Show Movie: The Gong Show Movie Gimmick: Backstage with Chuck Barris. Does It Work? Barris later called it ”a disastrous mistake,” overenthusiastically. D+

Candid Camera
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