Molly & the Heymakers

What Paulette Carlson did for Highway 101 — made an average country-pop band seem special — Molly Scheer does for the Heymakers, a Wisconsin-based progressive group that can’t make up its mind whether to put more emphasis on musicianship, getting on the radio, or acting cool. As principal songwriter, lead singer, and acoustic instrumentalist, Scheer is just as capable of turning out smart jazz-fusion as she is radio sludge. On Molly & the Heymakers, the band also dips into the country-folk of Nanci Griffith, however, nearly all the songs are served up with the kind of ultra-energetic vocal and instrumental sheen that makes them sound like little more than vehicles for trendy music videos. Like Carlson, who’s recently struck out on her own, Scheer has more talent than the rest of the band but isn’t exactly sure which direction to take. Until she is, there’s trouble in the barnyard tonight. C+

Molly & the Heymakers
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