Jon Secada

Cuban-born Jon Secada is a former backup singer for Gloria Estefan, and like his mentor he has refined his Latin roots, aiming them straight for the profitable mainstream. (His producer is Gloria’s husband, Emilio Estefan.) The songs on Jon Secada are laced with a jazzy, radio-friendly dance beat, but since this is music made for grown-ups, it never veers off into anything too rhythmic. Call it Latin Lite, or middle-of-the-road dance; it’s carefully constructed not to rock the condo. Secada’s saving grace is the way he quavers and strains toward the apex of emotion, especially on ”Do You Really Want Me” or the percolating ”Dreams That I Carry” — his neediness forces you to pay attention. Nowhere is that more apparent than on the lushly captivating pop single ”Just Another Day.” With a Soul II Soul beat and multitracked choruses, this triumph of urgency rescues the disc from Dullsville. C+

Jon Secada
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