Husbands and Lovers

It’s so rare for video viewers to find movies about sex that are truly erotic instead of stupid, silly, or just soft porn. But Mauro Bolognini’s Husbands and Lovers, never theatrically released, is something of a buried treasure. A scriptwriter (Julian Sands) working in Rome becomes distraught over his wife (the beauteous Joanna Pacula) and the ”arrangement” they have when she discovers S&M with her longtime pianist lover (Tcheky Karyo). This Armani-clad adaptation of an Alberto Moravia novel — sensuous, provocative, stylish, if perhaps wearing chic dysfunction too much on its sleeve — is a thoughtful character study about the difficulty two people who love each other have being intimate. Although the mixture of violence and sex might not be to all tastes, none of it is gratuitous, and the three extra unrated minutes are welcome. Strictly for adventurous adults. B-

Husbands and Lovers
  • Movie
  • 94 minutes