Bodies of Evidence

Lee Horsley (Guns of Paradise) stars in this new police series as a homicide detective lieutenant in a big city that looks like New York City. He’s partnered with a dashing, younger, earnest cop played by George Clooney, who bites down on cliched dialogue like, ”We got a serial killer out there-right now, he’s picking his next victim.” What we got in Bodies of Evidence is Law & Order Lite — a show that comes on all hard-boiled and complicated but reworks plots that seem left over from Mannix.

The debut episode’s one distinctive quality is that it’s the first TV show to be directly influenced by the hotsy feature film Basic Instinct. In Bodies, Horsley makes love to his friendly ex-wife (L.A. Law‘s Jennifer Hetrick); mild S&M is implied, and the scene is shot at angles and in positions nearly identical to moments in Instinct — without the nudity, of course. ”The more intense the case, the more intense the sex, eh?” purrs the woman, as Horsley smirks proudly. Lines like this could give sex on television an even worse name than it already has. D

Bodies of Evidence
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