A World Out of Time: Henry Kaiser & David Lindley in Madagascar

There’s a moment on this album’s second cut, a rollicking folk-rock number by Malagasy pop star Rossy, when the sonic waters part to reveal what sounds uncannily like a guitar solo off an old Jackson Browne record. In fact, that really is David Lindley, Browne’s old multi- instrumental compadre; he and guitarist Henry Kaiser have returned from the land of lemurs with a miraculous album. The two rounded up the island’s master musicians for an extensive recording/jam session — A World Out of Time is the first of five planned releases — and the results are enough to play Twister with your head. Surprisingly, much of the music has a decided Appalachian feel (a central instrument is the zither-like valiha), so U.S. fans of folk, New Age, and lonesome mountain harmonies should find this music both familiar and exotic. Then there’s the jug-band stomp featuring 70-year-old flutist Rakoto Frah, the rippling acoustic guitar stunts of D’Gary, and an amazing cover of the Bobby Fuller Four hit ”I Fought the Law” that touches on rockabilly, zydeco, highland jig, bluegrass, ska, and kabary — a sort of traditional Malagasy form of rap — while never ceasing to rock out. Simply put, the record’s a deep-dish delight and one of the richest listening experiences of any genre in any year. A+

A World Out of Time: Henry Kaiser & David Lindley in Madagascar
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