The New Music Seminar attracts bands with exotic names -- Screaming Trees, God Is My Copilot, and Treepeople are some of our favorites

By Kate Meyers
June 05, 1992 at 04:00 AM EDT

The 13th New Music Seminar, starting June 17 in New York, has attracted more than 370 bands from all over the map, and their names — from New York’s Exploding Boy to Holland’s Fish Hospital — are more exotic than their hometowns. Any trends? Well, 16 bands clock in with numerical names like 4 Men & A Dog and 77 Luscious Babes. At least six, including God Is My Copilot and Stigmata A Go-Go, invoke the Deity. Five lean toward environmental correctness, among them Screaming Trees and Treepeople. And the rest, well, they’re just plain bizarre. Our favorites: Vanilla Trainwreck and When People Were Shorter and Lived Near the Water.