''Lethal Weapon 3'''s hidden messages -- Director Richard Donner includes abortion and animal rights in the new film

Director Richard Donner has a habit of plugging his favorite causes in his Lethal Weapon series. The first two installments wagged fingers at supporters of white South Africa and the National Rifle Association. A gag in 2 even took aim at tuna-salad-sandwich eaters. So the profusion of political-consciousness-raising gimmicks in Lethal Weapon 3, from the ”Fur Is Dead” bumper stickers to a truck that whizzes by during a high-speed chase bearing the motto ”Only Animals Should Wear Fur Except Tasteless Pigs,” should come as no surprise to moviegoers.

Even young Ebonie Smith, who plays Danny Glover’s daughter in the movie, wears a pro-choice T-shirt in one scene. Smith, 14, suggested the garb herself. ”I believe abortion should be somebody’s own decision,” she says. ”I told her, wear it by all means,” says Donner. ”If that’s your choice, it’s my choice.” Gee, such a sensitive guy. So how come he makes such violent, blow-‘ em-to-bits movies like Lethal Weapon 3?

Lethal Weapon 3
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