Mel Gibson, Sylvester Stallone, and Candice Bergen made headlines this week

TOP COP: Lethal Weapon 3 star Mel Gibson will soon be policing his own movie set, making his directorial debut with The Man Without a Face, to start shooting later this summer. Gibson will also star in the film as a man trying to rebuild his life after being wrongly imprisoned for sexually molesting a child…

PURPLE POSE: In a recent speech during the University of Pennsylvania’s commencement ceremonies, alumna and Murphy Brown star Candice Bergen let spill that she had once turned down Donald Trump, who had tried to date her when she was an undergraduate and he was attending the university’s Wharton School of business. ”He wore a two-piece burgundy suit with matching patent leather burgundy boots and a matching burgundy limousine,” she says. Now more in the red, the Casino King concedes he may have tried to develop a relationship with Bergen. ”So did everybody else,” Trump says. ”She was very beautiful and totally terrific.”…

VERY ‘PERSONAL’: L.A. Law‘s Amanda Donohoe goes on a manhunt for her role as an L.A. cop-turned-bounty hunter in Nothing Personal, an NBC movie to air next season. Unlike Donohoe’s L.A. Law character, C.J. Lamb, her ex-cop won’t be sexually ambiguous, but she’ll still be sexy. In the opening scene, Donohoe and a male partner are in bed, but their lovemaking can’t be consummated because she suddenly has a violent flashback about killing a man….

HOT TRACKS: How fast did John Frusciante split from the ultra-Red Hot Chili Peppers? So fast that the nimble guitarist’s picture had to be electronically erased from a planned cover of Rolling Stone magazine. His abrupt disappearance also forced the band to postpone its Australian tour from May to October, though it will have a guitarist on hand when it headlines the Lollapalooza tour in the U.S., which starts this July….

STALLONE AGAIN: He needs a hit, and you can’t say he isn’t trying. Within weeks of finishing Cliffhanger, an action-adventure epic with Northern Exposure‘s Janine Turner, in August, Sylvester Stallone will begin filming Demolition Man, a sci-fi thriller, for producer Joel Silver (Lethal Weapon 3). Stallone will play a police officer who is unjustly accused of murder and, because jail is obsolete in the 21st century, gets cryogenically frozen. The actor is already buffing up for his role. ”I’ve got a nude scene in the beginning,” he says. — Leonard Klady, Pat H. Broeske, Jeffrey Wells