Wendy Riche is ''General Hospital'''s new producer -- We talk with her about the show's transition

Like a new doctor taking over the care of an ailing patient, Wendy Riche, the new executive producer of General Hospital, is reluctant to make judgments about the treatment administered by her forerunner, Gloria Monty. But? Well, in Riche’s professional opinion, the 29-year-old ABC soap she was brought in to heal four months ago had grown thin, wan, and pale. ”The malpractice story (involving Dr. Monica Quartermaine) was the only story that was going,” she diagnoses.” Other than that, there was nothing.”

Riche, a 17-year veteran of TV movies who started up Fox Television’s movie unit, won’t be specific about how GH got so run down. ”I will say that the show needed to be more character-driven rather than plot-driven. It needed to be more relatable in its story pursuit. It needed to balance fantasy and reality better. And it needed more romance.”

The departure of two of GH‘s most beloved characters — Robert and Anna Scorpio (Tristan Rogers and Finola Hughes) after years as the show’s fire-and-ice mainstay hasn’t made Riche’s job any easier.

In fact, she describes the transition as ”hell,” but then thinks better of her choice of words. ”It was, well…the transition was ex…citing,” she says, in her best bedside manner. Now let’s see how long it takes before the patient is up and about.

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