Termini Station

Colleen Dewhurst and Jose Ferrer, who both died recently, will be remembered for their distinguished acting careers — no thanks to two forgettable final movies. Aptly named, Termini Station is the grim, unappealing story of a dying alcoholic mother (played with frightening fierceness by Dewhurst) forced to come to terms with her prostitute daughter (Megan Follows, without her Anne of Green Gables goodness). Old Explorers is a thin, tiresome tale of two retired men (played valiantly by Ferrer and James Whitmore) who spend their last days pretending to be swashbuckling adventurers. These films are strictly for Dewhurst and Ferrer fans, and even they will want to fast-forward to the climactic monologues, in which Dewhurst warns of the perils of marriage and Ferrer offers a touching tribute to his dead friend. D-

Termini Station
  • Movie
  • 108 minutes