By Alanna Nash
May 29, 1992 at 04:00 AM EDT

Some Gave All


Billy Ray Cyrus Some Gave All (Mercury) Kentuckian Billy Ray Cyrus dresses like James Dean and moves like Elvis, but he’s really a Billy ”Crash” Craddock for the ’90s — a purveyor of old-style rock & roll done up with a twang. On his debut, Some Gave All, Cyrus and his workingman’s-bar band rock with both the rhythm of sex (the crossover hit ”Achy Breaky Heart”) and the rhythm of the job down at the auto plant. But in contrast to a performer like Aaron Tippin, who mines a fresh lode from blue-collar woes, he covers the same old territory, dumbing down into stereotype for the white-trash novelty tune ”Wher’m I Gonna Live?,” and hauling out a predictable Vietnam-vets tribute for the title tune. To his credit, Cyrus delivers a convincing reading of ”Could’ve Been Me,” capturing one man’s torment in watching the woman he loves marry someone else. But when he launches into the time warp of ”These Boots Are Made for Walkin’,” Cyrus suggests he’s really just a Dew Drop Inn regular who accidentally stumbled into the big time. D+

Some Gave All

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