Soap opera stars pass away onscreen -- The act of dying becomes a showcase for Daytime Emmys

By Alan Carter
May 29, 1992 at 04:00 AM EDT

As the nominations for Daytime Emmys were announced earlier this month, TV insiders were predicting that the 13-times-nominated Susan Lucci, daytime’s highest paid and most popular celeb, will again go home empty-handed from next month’s ceremonies. Why? Pundits say the All My Children star has little chance to compete with last February’s week-long swan song by Jessica Tuck (Megan on One Life to Live). Tuck isn’t the only performer, uh, dying to win an Emmy this year, though. Best Supporting Actor nominee Thom Christopher (One Life‘s Carlo) and Younger Leading Man contender Patrick Stuart (Will, AMC) also passed away in character this season. While Best Supporting Actor hopeful Charles Keating (Carl, Another World) and Best Actor nominee Michael Zaslow (Guiding Light‘s Roger) survived the year, the two have been killed off so many times only to be resurrected, they really belong in the Stiffs Upper Lip category.

So, is morbidity in? Stuart, the son of Chad Stuart of the ’60s singing duo Chad and Jeremy, was bumped off recently with a blow to the head. ”I was upset the first few hours after the producers told me I was being killed,” he says, ”but then I realized… dying is a great showcase.” After all, what’s the worst thing that can happen after that? On second thought, with daytime, maybe it’s better not to ask.