Shining moments from the ''Brady Bunch'' -- We recall the best and worst of each character with real-life updates

By EW Staff
Updated May 29, 1992 at 04:00 AM EDT

GREG BRADY (Barry Williams)
At His Best: When an agent tries to turn him into lip-synching pop star Johnny Bravo, he declines on ethical grounds. At His Worst: Caught smoking. Best Line: ”Something suddenly came up.” Neurosis: Finding himself. How will he break it to Dad that he doesn’t want to be an architect? Real-life Update: Williams, 37, is married to former Miss Arizona Diane Martin. He is now starring in the national tour of the musical City of Angels. Williams has learned to ”embrace (The Brady Bunch), recognize it, and move on. ”I don’t care what Maureen McCormick (Marcia) thinks, you cannot divorce yourself from it.”

CAROL BRADY (Florence Henderson)
At Her Best: Regains her voice just in time to sing ”Oh, Come All Ye Faithful” at Christmas church service. At Her Worst: Dresses as hobo to sing ”Together” with daughter Marcia at the Family Frolics. Best Line: ”I don’t have to be logical. I’m a mother.” Neurosis: Often hears noises in the house late at night. (”Mike, wake up. I hear something!”) Real Life Update: Henderson, 58, lives on a houseboat in Marina del Rey, Calif., with her husband, Dr. John Kappas, a hypnotherapist. The voice of Wesson oil for 15 years, she has hosted a singing-cooking show, Country Kitchen, for eight years on The Nashville Network, and she is a licensed hypnotherapist as well. She appeared as a lusty clown groupie in Bobcat Goldthwait’s comedy, Shakes the Clown. Henderson has never forsaken The Brady Bunch. ”It’s part of my background,” she says. ”It’s like having a drunk in the family. I can’t deny it.”

MIKE BRADY (Robert Reed)
At His Best: Shows his genius by installing a pay phone for the kids at home. At His Worst: When Marcia misses curfew to mail off her Father of the Year entry secretly, he grounds her from a ski trip. Best Line: ”Look, Greg, calling parents by their first names may be the fad these days, but around here, we’re still Mom and Dad.” Neurosis: None. Real-life Update: Before Reed died on May 12, he had toured in A.R. Gurney’s Love Letters with Betsy Palmer. He also taught textual analysis of Shakespeare and advanced acting technique at UCLA. ”My roots are in Shakespeare,” he said before he died. ”I’ve finally gotten back to it.”

CINDY BRADY (Susan Olsen)
At Her Best: Becomes TV’s youngest martyr when she tries to back out of her school play because she can invite only one parent. At Her Worst: Tap-dancing and singing ”On the Good Ship Lollipop” to guest star Natalie Schafer. Best Line: ”I’ve got a secret!” Neurosis: Touchy about her lisp. Real-Life Update: Olsen, 30, recently divorced her husband, Steve Ventimigila. She’s working as a graphic artist and pursuing an acting career.

PETER BRADY (Christopher Knight)
At His Best: Saves a little girl in a toy store when a falling wall almost crushes her. At His Worst: Ego swells after the local paper calls him hero (see above). Best Line: ”Pork chops and apple sauce.” Neurosis: Constant identity crisis. Real-Life Update: Knight, 34, has found post-Brady careers in casting and computer software. He will appear in the upcoming animated-live action flick The Adventures of Jumping Jack Spear.

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