Revenge (Album)

Those who shake their heads in disbelief that Kiss will soon celebrate its 20th anniversary probably don’t realize just how many horny adolescent males there are on the planet at any given moment. Through sheer longevity, the band has become a way station on the rites-of-passage highway — rock-&-roll-all-night, party-every-day role models for the kid worried about acne, report cards, and how many friends know he’s still a virgin. If nothing else, you have to credit founding members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley for consistency: They’ve been playing the same dumb brand of plodding metalloid pop-rock for so long, they can do it in their sleep — which, as they prove here, they often do. Like nearly all previous Kiss albums, Revenge is dominated by single-entendre songs (”Take It Off,” ”Tough Love,” ”Spit”) that do little else but celebrate Simmons and Stanley’s apparently insatiable sexual appetites. (Wilt Chamberlain, call your office.) Perhaps the most telling track, demographically speaking, is ”I Just Wanna,” wherein the group turns the word ”forget” into (snicker, snicker) a dirty expression. I can just hear the Kiss army revving up to shout it out loud. C-

Revenge (Album)
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