TV stars and ''adult'' actresses -- Richard Mulligan, Charlie Sheen, and Pauly Shore have dated porn actresses

Nobody sang ”Sunrise, Sunset,” but Empty Nest dad Richard Mulligan recently married porn queen Rachel Ryan (a.k.a. Serina Robinson, a.k.a. Penny Morgan). Strange bedfellows? Not at all. Fraternizing with ”adult” actresses is apparently becoming a major celebrity craze.

Until recently, Charlie Sheen was dating ex-X-rated star Ginger Lynn Allen, while MTV personality Pauly Shore used to see porn actress Savannah (who has also gone out with Guns N’ Roses’ Slash). Postmodern artist Jeff Koons married Italian porn star-turned-politician Ilona Cicciolina Staller in 1991, only to announce nine months later that they would divorce; the two have since reconciled and say they are now expecting a baby.

The Mulligan-Ryan merger isn’t the first crossover relationship for the actress: She’s been linked in the past with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. The wedding was held at Mulligan’s L.A. home. The bride wore clothes.