Far be it from me to call guitarist Carlos Santana’s Milagro, mediocre; all I know is what I just read in the bio. To wit: This is the 20th Santana band album — and that’s not counting seven solo projects. The band played at Woodstock (1969), the US Festival (1982), and Live Aid (1985). All but one of its albums went gold or platinum until 1981, then they stopped selling or something. Carlos himself has received 23 Playboy Readers’ Poll awards and has been nominated for two Grammys. But he won only one. The newguys in his perpetual band have played with such rockin’ dudes as Doc Severinsen and Marilyn McCoo, and count Desi Arnaz among their influences. Some band members have even played on Saturday Night Live and Soul Train. After 22 years with CBS/Sony Records, this is the group’s first record for a brand new label. Hey, Carlos: Wanna guess why? C-

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