Mickey Rourke slams Spike Lee -- The actor suggests directors Lee and John Singleton are to blame for LA riots

Word buzzed around Cannes about pointed comments Mickey Rourke (White Sands) had made to a reporter for London’s Evening Standard in Milan earlier in the week. ”The blood of Los Angeles falls on those who instigated this revolt,” the paper quoted him as saying about the riots, ”the malicious prophets of black cinema and rap music, the movies such as those of (Spike) Lee and (John) Singleton.”

When Lee, who was promoting Malcolm X at Cannes, was told of Rourke’s comments, he told Entertainment Weekly, ”Mickey Rourke is a f—ing a– hole. He’s a f—ing redneck, motherf—ing cracker, a motorcycle-riding…you know, what kind of work does he do? I mean, he’s an idiot! He’s been riding a motorcycle without a helmet, and he’s punch-drunk from being in the ring. How can Mickey Rourke say that me and John Singleton are responsible for the riots in L.A.? Like his films are responsible? He should get a f—ing shave, take a shower….”

Director Alan Rudolph (Equinox) weighed in earlier in the weekend at the Majestic’s hotel bar after Rourke’s comments became public: ”I think it’s a little difficult for someone like Rourke, who has appeared in films of a violent nature, to be pointing a finger at someone else.”