Forever Knight

The latest entry in CBS’ “Crime Time After Prime Time” lineup is the adventures of Nick Knight (Geraint Wyn Davies), a Toronto police detective who’s also a vampire. The first couple of episodes of this series are imaginative, silly, frustrating, and dumb. On the one hand, Knight is a typical ’90s TV hero, full of chin stubble, bad attitude, and philosophical hooey — “Dwell on yesterday and you have no today, no tomorrow,” is a typical pensée.

On the other hand, Forever Knight takes the guilt-ridden-vampire idea that novelist Anne Rice has mined so skillfully in books like Interview with the Vampire, and turns it into a compelling subtext for a cop show: Knight lives by night, catching crooks and forever being tempted to chomp on their necks — he’s a most unhappy fellow, well-played by Davies.

It’s probably best to reserve judgment on Forever Knight — it has real potential for future improvement. A shave for Knight and better writers are my immediate recommendations. The grade here is intended as encouragement. B-

Forever Knight
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