The Saga Continues...

The four Boys originally made waves in 1988 as a preteen R&B outfit singing gushy love songs with a street-lite edge (”Dial My Heart”) that attracted the same audience as New Kids on the Block. The Saga Continues… finds the Boys vying to become men, and what blustering, potty-mouthed rascals they’ve turned out to be. There’s nothing wrong with the music here; it’s hummable R&B with a toughened hip-hop beat. But the Boys seem to have confused adulthood with swaggering callousness. While the title intro number styles the group as outlaws on the run, the rest of the album finds them in the locker room, dis-sing ”a beauty with a nice round booty” and the ”Freak of the Week.” The Boys’ sound has matured nicely, but their minds have some growing up to do.

The Saga Continues...
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