Hey Babe

Juliana Hatfield is the breathy voice and steely nerve behind the plangent Blake Babies, an acclaimed indie band. On Hey Babe, Hatfield continues her sometimes painful dissertations on the zeitgeist of contemporary female angst, with generally awesome results. She’s not complaining, or yelling. Rather, she’s interested in keeping heart and soul together in a postfeminist world where women and men are having problems. The music is very Blake Babiesian, with soaring melodies, occasional blasts of guitar, languid changes in tempo, and that heavenly, pie-in-the-sky Hatfield voice. She remains a strong believer in the indie aesthetic, so Hey Babe, correspondingly, is roughly recorded and uncompromisingly articulate. But surely everyone can relate to some of Hatfield’s interests, notably her sweet tip of the hat to the band of the moment in the song ”Nirvana.” She’s someone to keep an eye on.

Hey Babe
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