Tom Cruise, Robert Altman, and Frank Sinatra made headlines this week

Too Good Men: A Few Good Men may be getting too much good buzz: After director Rob Reiner screened his cut of the military drama, starring Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, and Demi Moore, last month, word spread that Men scores big time, with Nicholson’s performance as a scrappy Marine colonel fit for an Oscar nod. Now Columbia Pictures is concerned that Men might be overhyped before its Christmas release. ”It’s an extremely powerful film, but we have to be careful not to dissipate its impact before the opening,” says a marketing executive for Castle Rock, the film’s producer….

New Grad: In the opening of The Player, Robert Altman‘s Hollywood satire, Buck Henry (screenwriter of The Graduate) makes a desperate pitch to producer Griffin Mill (Tim Robbins) for The Graduate — Part II. Now comes word that a Graduate book sequel really is in the works. Charles Webb, who wrote the novel on which the 1967 film was based (he’s now the caretaker of a New Jersey nudist colony), is reportedly close to finishing Gwen, an update narrated by the 15-year-old daughter of the characters played in the movie by Dustin Hoffman and Katharine Ross….

Stellar Choir: Miracle producer Quincy Jones recently assembled some 70 big names from the worlds of gospel and pop, including Stevie Wonder and Chaka Khan, to record a new version of the Hallelujah Chorus from G.F. Handel‘s masterwork, the Messiah. Composer Mervyn Warren‘s adaptation, conducted by Jones, is the closing cut on a Messiah album featuring some of the pop artists, due from Warner Bros. in the fall….

Rap N’ Roses: Axl Rose, Slash, and Ted Andreadis of Guns N’ Roses are collaborating with hard-core N.W.A rapper Eazy-E on a rocking rap-sody called ”Apocalypse.” The cut will appear on Temporary Insanity, Eazy-E’s second solo disc, to hit stores July 4. Though some have called GN’R’s lyrics racist in the past, ”Guns N’ Roses are big fans of Eazy-E,” says the rapper’s spokeswoman….

Their Way: Who actually sings Frank’s part in Sinatra, the CBS miniseries airing this November? While Broadway actor Philip Casnoff stars as the crooner, the program’s soundtrack was recorded by a surprise voice — Australian actor Tom Burlinson. ”Tom sounds like young Frank,” says Tina Sinatra, executive producer and the singer’s daughter. The soundtrack will also feature originals by Ol’ Blue Eyes and tracks made especially for the project by Frank Sinatra Jr.