Club MTV Party to Go

Basically the illustrated version of a CD compilation released last year, Club MTV Party to Go enshrines the least interesting element of MTV’s just-canceled American Bandstand-style dance show: the video clips. The program’s monumentally ditzy host, Julie Brown, doesn’t appear here, nor do any of those tragically hip, slickly outfitted, insanely energetic young showbiz wannabes boogying their butts off. Instead, the disc simply rounds up 50 minutes (not ”over 60,” as the package promises) of funk and hip-hop music videos. Most are by high-profile pop stars, including Hammer bellowing ”Turn This Mutha Out” and Bel Biv Devoe high-stepping their way through ”Poison,” but featherweight chart blips pad the lineup. Hasn’t everybody long since had enough of Candyman’s infantile macho posturing on ”Knockin’ Boots” and Vanilla Ice’s slo-mo push-up routine to ”Play That Funky Music”? Sure, with laser’s chapter-skip mode you can bounce past these, but somewhere Julie Brown is probably squealing, ”Get hip, Pioneer. This collection’s totally out of step.”

Club MTV Party to Go
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