The Butcher's Wife

The Butcher’s Wife declares that even for a clairvoyant, love is blind. Demi Moore (bleached blond and dressed like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz) plays the title character, a Southern seer who offers advice along with chuck roasts and chops. What she can’t see, however, is that she has given herself a bum steer when it comes to marriage. That she discovers when she falls for a neighboring psychiatrist (Jeff Daniels) and things really get crazy. Straining to be a whimsical and wacky Moonstruck for carnivores (perhaps it should have been called Meatstruck), this film never really shines. Video note: Keep a finger on the rewind button to be sure to catch the impish background antics of a psychiatric patient (playwright Christopher Durang) who dons a tribal mask and dances around Daniels’ office. C-

The Butcher's Wife
  • Movie
  • 107 minutes