Another book about Jim Morrison -- Patricia Kennealy writes about a pagan wedding and an abortion involving the Doors singer

Yet another tome about Jim Morrison has hit the stores, but this one packs a different kind of wallop. Written by former Morrison flame Patricia Kennealy, Strange Days, My Life With and Without Jim Morrison (Dutton) spins a tale that began in January 1969 and lasted until Morrison’s death two years later. Kennealy alleges, among other things, to have ”married” Morrison in a pagan Celtic ceremony conducted by a high priestess, and to have had an abortion when she was pregnant with his child.

The author of an ongoing series of science fiction/fantasy titles (The Silver Branch, The Hawk’s Gray Feather), Kennealy, 46, insists she didn’t write the book for the bucks (”a substantial sum,” according to her), but to correct the over-the-top depiction of Morrison in Oliver Stone‘s The Doors. (Kennealy herself was played by Kathleen Quinlan in the 1991 film, and appeared briefly in it as the Celtic high priestess.) ”I’ll never forgive Stone for taking my precious memories and dragging them through the cloacal mud of his own fantasies,” says Kennealy.