After the Farm

Spawned by the L.A. cowpunk scene, Rosie Flores fronted an all-girl band, the Screaming Sirens, before recording Rosie Flores in 1987. That record, with its Buck Owens-meets-Ronnie Spector sound, garnered Flores a small, appreciative audience outside her West Coast base. Since then, Flores has continued to write innovative country-fringe material that mates a rockabilly attitude with country heat and a Western beat. Singing in a flinty soprano that often recalls Bonnie Raitt at the top of her range, Flores is a most modern country heroine on After the Farm, one who picks an assertive electric guitar and doles out sexual politics and human kindness in equal amounts. Whether she’s being flirty as a coquette (”Sold on You”) or wise as a doyenne (”More to Offer”), Flores never forgets she’s a poet, and a rocker with a pure country heart.

After the Farm
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