Still in Love With You

Aside from the singular spelling of her name, Meli’sa Morgan’s most distinctive quality is…well, her lack of distinction. A dynamic singer with a nice, raunchy low register, Morgan has nothing remarkable to suggest her presence is necessary in a world that already contains Anita Baker and Shirley Murdock. The burden, then, is on her material, and Still in Love With You is rich with songs diverting enough to keep listeners attentive. The kickoff title tune, a current R&B hit cowritten by Al Green, is every bit the kind of loosely constructed soul that made Green himself famous — a sketched-in melody with plenty of opportunities for Morgan to show her stuff, grounded by a catchy, gospel-style chorus. And the reggae-inflected ”Through the Tears” is at once warm and bracingly straight-talking as it ticks off a partial list of the troubles in Harlem. Still in Love has its duds, standard R&B love songs plodding on their way to nowhere, but Morgan clearly has a keen eye for the right vehicle.

Still in Love With You
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