''The Player'''s postcard writer -- We think we know who penned this threatening note in Robert Altman's new film

The question all Hollywood is asking: Who is the real postcard writer who threatens studio executive Tim Robbins in The Player? We think he’s the shaggy-looking scribbler (played by Brian Brophy) who eulogizes Robbins’ murder victim, David Kahane (Vincent D’Onofrio), at his funeral. The hints are everywhere: (a) It’s almost certainly Brophy’s voice we hear speaking to Robbins over his car phone during The Player‘s final moments; (b) Brophy’s character is angry enough to be the postcard writer — his eulogy is all about Hollywood’s avarice and nailing ”some s—bag producer to the wall”; and (c) who else but a screenwriter friend of Kahane’s could have known for sure that Kahane wasn’t the postcard writer? Player screenwriter Michael Tolkin refuses to comment; a source at Robert Altman’s production company will only say, ”If you want to blow it, go ahead.”

The Player
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