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Finally, Arsenio emerges as far more than a surefire weapon against conventional and monotonous late-night television. He is a loyal friend, a savvy businessman, and a comedian with a message against black versus black animosity and ignorance regarding AIDS. Mark my words, Arsenio will be the king of late night.
Rayda Cruz
Ann Arbor, Mich.

Arsenio Hall is one heck of an entertainer. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY is one heck of a magazine. And that was one heck of an interview.
Stephen Cirelli
Glens Falls, N.Y.

Arsenio Hall misspelled ”kiss” on the front cover.
Kenneth R. Jenkins
Bowie, Tex.

Arsenio might have learned a lot from Johnny, but he didn’t learn anything about class. While he’s busy kicking Jay’s ass, he had better watch his own, ’cause it’s Dennis Miller time!
Bob Bronson
Woburn, Mass.

Regarding your interview/cover story with a hysterically defensive Arsenio Hall: Insecurity and fear sure turn some people into blowhards. Whether it’s about his (lack of) interviewing skills or gay people or Jay Leno, methinks he doth protest too much.
Jim Emerson
Los Angeles

A Question of Choice
Being adamantly pro-choice, I am angered that I must pay, as a cable- television subscriber, to have the De Moss Foundation’s ”pro-adoption” (read ”pro-life”) ads shoved down my throat (News & Notes). It is blatantly unfair for some networks to present only a one-sided and potentially harmful attitude about this topic. Pro-choice will equal no choice unless both sides are represented in a fair and educated manner, respecting the right of every woman to make the best choice for her own well-being.
Carol Walter
Brick, N.J.

Planned Parenthood has some nerve complaining about the success of pro-life TV ads when it spends millions promoting abortion in all media, often using antireligious rhetoric to sell its position. And ”promoting adoption as the solution to an unwanted pregnancy” is dangerous? Only to those who generate cash from the destruction of the unborn, a group which, not surprisingly, includes Planned Parenthood.
Christopher Heyn
Lakeland, Fla.

Good News
I am appalled at the bad rap Disney’s musical Newsies is getting. It is a fun, delightful way to spend an evening — a refreshing break from the typical sex and superviolence of today’s movies. The critics seem to have forgotten what musicals are all about. I applaud Disney for bringing back the wonderful entertainment contained in the singing and dancing of traditional musicals.
Leilani Todd
Corpus Christi, Tex.

Scout’s Honor
In ”Prepared for the Worst, Boy Scouts vs. The Last Boy Scout,” I noticed (as an Eagle Scout) that besides having the Scout law out of order, you left three out: kind, obedient, and brave. Also, an artistic note! Numbers are on the left sleeve and the socks are green with red trim on the top. But we’ll give you Brownie points — you got the Scout sign right and the hand it’s made with! Michael J. Tullier
Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 12
Alexandria, La.

Skull and Bones
I’m writing in response to your article “Hard Sell,” which dealt with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms’ resistance to allowing Black Death vodka to use its choice of promotion. The skull and crossbones are a fitting advertisement for a product that destroys lives. As a grateful recovering alcoholic, it made me glad to see a company finally portraying alcohol as it should be. As offensive as the skull and crossbones may appear, they are a truthful representation of the product they appear on. Just ask those who have lost loved ones to alcohol-related accidents.
Leah T.
Pawtucket, R.I.

Fiona Times Four
Re: Your review of Fiona’s new recording, Squeeze. First of all, it’s Fiona’s fourth recording, not her third (her fifth if you count the Hearts of Fire soundtrack). Fiona has come a long way. She is an extremely talented singer and songwriter who gives her all to her music and fans. Fiona gets an A for proving she’s not just another pretty face.
Kalman A. Kish
Milford, Conn.

Correction: In ”School’s Out” in News & Notes, a photograph was miscaptioned. The actress pictured was Michael Michele, not Vanessa Williams.

The Last Boy Scout
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