The 15 hottest topics the week of May 8, 1992

What the country is talking about this week…

1 Murphy Brown’s Baby Baby M didn’t get this much publicity, and she had three parents.

2 California Quakes ”What do you mean, the earth still didn’t move for you?”

3 Kriss Kross Dressing The only fad for which no shopping is required.

4 Bruce Springsteen on SNL Hard to believe this is his first live TV appearance. Guess that Joe Franklin thing was on tape.

5 Tarzan vs. Vogue Someone owns Tarzan? I’ll trade them for a Hawkeye and a Huckleberry Finn.

6 The Penny Marshall Protest Catching flak because she put a hearing actor in a deaf part. Thank heaven she didn’t need to cast a serial killer.

7 White Sands Starring boxer Mickey Rourke. He must be pretty good. People leave the theater yelling, ”No más, no más.”

8 Perry Mason Special Geraldo Rivera plays an obnoxious TV personality who gets murdered. A weak plot. Why would anyone hunt for the killer?

9 Prom Season How do you know it’s the worst night of your life? Your life’s not over.

10 Cybill Shepherd Back on TV playing a hard-as-nails private eye in Stormy Weathers. Press-on nails, anyway.

11 Ferngully Can more environmentally correct cartoons be far behind? Maybe The Love Canal Bug.

12 Michael Jackson’s Ninth Beethoven wrote one too? You’re kidding me. What was the video like?

13 K2 Self-discovery while climbing the world’s second-highest mountain. Save some money — see a shrink with a penthouse.

14 Ross Perot The new Harry Truman. He even has a sign on his desk that says ”The buck stops at my bank.”

15 Bob Hoskins Passed Away is just one letter away from what they did with him in this movie.