Tim Allen, Jerry Garcia, and Robert Alton Harris made headlines this week

TV: Tabloid TV producers are hot for the only videotape showing the recent execution of Robert Alton Harris in a California gas chamber. Made by the American Civil Liberties Union, the video is under court seal. A spokeswoman for the syndicated Inside Edition says, ”We called the ACLU just to ask what the tape will be used for — we did not try to obtain it.” But a producer with the show admits, ”We’re all dying to get a copy of it.”… * Home Improvement‘s Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) might have his own tool show, but he’s a kamikaze Mr. Fix-It at home. Now it seems Allen has appropriated his character’s traits. At the ABC show’s recent wrap party, Disney Television had a few hot rods on hand for entertainment. The macho-riffing comedian took one for a spin, hit several speed bumps, and ripped the oil pan right off the car. No complaints from producer Disney — the tool man’s half hour was this TV season’s breakaway hit….

Movies: Sex between a female psychiatrist and a younger male patient, suicide by cocaine injection-what more could Hollywood want? Attorneys for Dr. Margaret Bean-Bayog, the Harvard shrink who is being sued by the parents of a 28-year-old medical student who committed suicide a year after she terminated his therapy, say that more than 100 producers, directors, and writers are seeking rights to her story….

Video: Are your home movies better than Jerry Garcia‘s? Find out later this spring when Grateful Dead Productions — pending the band’s approval — releases a 40-minute video compilation of footage shot by the grizzled guitarist in 1964. It will chronicle the hand-to-mouth, pre-hippie high jinks of Garcia and friends almost two years before the Grateful Dead burst out of San Francisco.