Problem solving in bed -- Naura Hayden has written a best seller about finding sexual satisfaction

She starred in a movie called The Angry Red Planet (1959). She invented a protein shake that sells in health-food stores across the country. But Naura Hayden’s biggest success is a 120-page sex manual called How to Satisfy a Woman Every Time…and have her beg for more! Currently ensconced on the best- seller lists, the book has more than 750,000 copies in print.

Published by Hayden’s own company, Bibli O’Phile Publishing, How to Satisfy has been around for nine years, and was in fact a best-seller when first released in 1983. ”It just kept selling and selling through the years,” says Hayden, who boosted bookstore sales by setting up an 800 number in her Manhattan townhouse. Recently Dutton, the company distributing the book, asked her to consider another publicity tour. When she embarked on an 88-city trip, How to Satisfy began showing up on best-seller lists all over again.

”I was married for many years, and I never once had an orgasm. I faked it every single time,” Hayden admits. Her dissatisfaction eventually led to a divorce. But ”I’m a problem solver by nature,” she goes on. ”I decided to find out what had gone wrong…and fix it.” That she did, but there was a hitch: Hayden wasn’t married at the time, and since she doesn’t believe in extramarital sex, she couldn’t test her own theory. ”So I typed the method up and sent it to the 486 women I’d surveyed for an earlier book on love. And every single woman, without exception, responded that [after using the technique] she’d had the very first orgasm she’d ever had through intercourse alone. So I knew I had something phenomenal.” Hayden insists that the method works every time. ”It’s foolproof. I mean foolproof. If a man reads it and does exactly what I say, it’s easy. We’re not talking hanging from a chandelier here. It’s very simple.”

Hayden is currently finishing a movie she’s written and financed herself, but she’s too superstitious to discuss it or the book she’s going to write next. But she is willing to give me some astrological advice (mostly on how to deal with my husband) before she ushers me out, the 1-800-488-LOVE phone ringing in the background.