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Mail Bonding
I’d like to thank you for your article on Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes, which was refreshing and well written. I received the issue the same day I was going to see [Harrelson’s band] Manly Moondog and the Three Kool Kats. It was nice to read about a couple of Hollywood guys with a friendship that lasted beyond working on films. But your article seemed to imply that Woody was interacting with the audience because Wesley was there receiving a lot of attention. When I saw Woody, there was no Wesley, and he and his band were still very personable.
Rosann Santorelli
Orlando, Fla.

After seeing White Men Can’t Jump, I believe that Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson are much funnier — and sexier — than Wayne and Garth. Since Wesley and Woody are such a great team, I’ve got the perfect projects for them: Of Mice and Men, and, of course, Twins, Part 2.
Renee Newbold
Newport News, Va.

Judd Defense
I certainly understand the right to one’s opinion. What I find difficult to understand in Alanna Nash’s review of Wynonna is why she spends more time reviewing the life of the artist than the musical content. We all know the Judds changed their names — what is so newsworthy about that? What happened to critiquing music without the inflection of one’s poetic cynicism about life?
Ginger Pitaccio
Edison, N.J.

I was furious to see the reviewer’s sarcastic comments throughout the article. References such as ”Naomi may have rallied from her sickbed” and ”She dominated the duo’s concert stage as a kind of flirtatious show poodle” were particularly offensive. Add to this the comment about the CD containing songs that ”milk the circumstances of the Judds’ breakup.” Surely Wynonna is not the first artist to choose selections that reflect what a difficult period she is going through. I could have respected the reviewer as a professional had she left out the negative remarks about the Judds themselves and concentrated on reviewing the music.
Jennifer Engwer
Glens Falls, N.Y.

Wayne’s Domain
The three writers of the article ”Wayne Reigns” deserve an incomplete in the geography lesson they attempted to give us. In addition to Wayne County, Pa., there are 15 other Wayne Counties scattered about the United States.
Eric G. Field Sr.
Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Sketchy Details
S You said that ”Not!” was first used in 1978 by Steve Martin in a [Saturday Night Live] nerds sketch. It was really first used in 1976 by Laraine Newman in the slumber-party sketch when Madeline Kahn was host.
Kati Miklik

Wayne's World
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