Three shows air their series finales -- ''MacGyver,'' ''Growing Pains,'' and ''Who's the Boss?'' find closure

It occurs to us that ceaseless housekeeping, high-quality parenting, and defending the world against international terrorists can really wear a character out. That’s why, we figure, ABC’s Who’s the Boss?, Growing Pains, and MacGyver are all going off the air on Saturday night: because sometimes a guy’s got to make time to play some golf, smell some roses, and find the time to watch…ABC’s America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Think about it: Baby-faced Tony Micelli (Tony Danza) has been keeping house for and flirting with Angela Bower (Judith Light) for eight years now. Don’t you think the-boy-meets-girl, boy-cleans-house-for-girl, boy-and-girl-are-on- and-off-and-on relationship deserves a resolution?

And what about psychiatrist/househusband Alan Thicke and journalist mom Joanna Kerns, who have spent seven seasons raising their kids to be happy, horny, and well-adjusted. Don’t they deserve a night off?

As for MacGyver, what can you say about a soldier/scientist who has been saving the world from danger since 1985? This all-American good guy will finish the season discovering a son he never knew he had — allowing Richard Dean Anderson time off to grow a beard and get better acquainted with Olympic < skater Katarina Witt. Keep in touch!

Growing Pains
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