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Back to ”Basic”
I’m a subscriber to ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY and have always been very pleased with it. However, you went too far in publishing the ”cut” picture from Basic Instinct. If it was cut from the movie, then what makes it okay to put it in a magazine that goes into millions of homes? Maybe in the future if you decide to print such pictures you should add an NC-17 rating on your cover.
P. Farris
San Angelo, Tex.

Why didn’t Paul Verhoeven just aim for an X rating for Basic Instinct? After all, Michael Douglas calls it ”smut,” and Mr. Verhoeven wanted to ”push the envelope.” The smut movie would have been right at home, and none of Mr. Verhoeven’s ”art” would have been compromised. A real shame this is the best Hollywood has to offer.
Steven A. Payne
Kennesaw, Ga.

I was extremely disappointed that Michael Douglas never mentioned that even though Sharon Stone doesn’t have the track record he has, she ultimately proved to be an actor of equal stature. Her talented, robust performance outshines Douglas’, and her Catherine is mesmerizing. Stone has arrived, and she’s created a blockbuster on her way.
Rain Burns
Menlo Park, Calif.

Why are gays getting upset over ”what they feel” is Basic Instinct‘s negative portrayal of homosexuals? It’s obvious, isn’t it? You could not get away with a film about a white detective deciding which of the only four blacks % portrayed killed a white. It would be bigotry then, and the lesbian parallel is bigotry now. And if Michael Douglas is really worried about ”not pointing out our differences” and ”being kind to each other,” why did he lend his very recognizable name and considerable talent to a movie that reinforces the most extreme of stereotypes? Gays are not some ”twist” of a bad movie plot but basic, normal people threatened with violence every day compounded by movies like Basic Instinct.
Robb McCaffree
Los Angeles

Defending Picasso
In April 1937, German bombers destroyed the peaceful [Spanish] town of Guernica. Thousands of lives were lost in one afternoon. Responsibility for the attack was covered up by Fascist leaders, and blame was diverted to the people of the town itself. Pablo Picasso was so shaken by the tragedy that he completed hundreds of sketches, which evolved into one of the most brilliant artworks of all time. Your parody of the painting illustrating the article ”Divining Women” was insulting and degrading. I fail to see the humor in it.
Joy Ciarcia-Levy
Associate Producer, 20/20
New York City

Show of Strength
Miss Saigon — showy? Excessive? Maybe. A C rating? Definitely not! If that is what it takes to get across the message that the consequences of war don’t stop when the bullets do, then let the curtain continue to rise on Miss Saigon. Having just seen this magnificent and heart-wrenching production at the $65 orchestra-seat price, I look forward to paying this month’s Visa bill.
Kimberly Steen
Menomonie, Wis.

Boss Booster
Yesterday I read your magazine’s less-than-glowing review of the new Bruce Springsteen albums. This morning I bought and listened to the CDs. Five times. I don’t think your reviewer David Browne and I listened to the same records. There are no “frustrating steps back” on the records I heard. The songs on my CDs are the most dynamic and exciting I have heard since 1987. I think a retraction or a second opinion is in order.
Robert Gowan

A Cut Above
I loved The Cutting Edge. Imagine my surprise (and pleasure) when your reviewer saw some of these same qualities in this movie! I sorely wish that more Hollywood moviemakers would realize that foreplay, romance, and caring are much more sexy than explicit sex scenes between people who don’t even care about one another.
M.S. Robinson
Norfolk, Va.

Hughes Corporation
As a big fan of moviemaker John Hughes (and there are many of us), I was annoyed by your negative article. Okay, he may never win an Oscar for one of his films, and it doesn’t seem likely that he’ll be the next recipient of the Irving Thalberg Award. But isn’t Hollywood in general a cookie cutter for producing formula movies? Why bash John Hughes just because he’s good at it?
Tony J. Severino
Bridgeport, Conn.

Correction: A photo caption on page 19 of #112 mistakenly identified Basic Instinct’s cinematographer, Jan De Bont, as director Paul Verhoeven. We regret the error.

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