Johnny Carson says goodbye -- The late night host and other stars get ready to bid farewell

By Kate Meyers
Updated April 24, 1992 at 04:00 AM EDT

Was that a tear in Johnny’s eye after Stevie wonder crooned ”I’ll Be Seeing You” on his final visit to the show, April 9? And while most guests last week thanked Carson for being TV’s consummate host, Ted Koppel admitted, ”After all these years of getting my brain kicked out [in the ratings], I’m not going to miss you in the least.”

They’ll be right back Coming up for their final Johnny farewells: Jerry Seinfeld (right) and Carl Reiner (April 28)’ Bill Cosby and Harry Connick Jr. (April 29); Michael Keaton (April 30); and Garry Shandling (May 1).

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