Ivana Trump's book signing -- Men and women line up to meet Donald Trump's ex and author of ''For Love Alone''

For Love Alone stars a leggy Czech skier-turned-hotelier who marries an extra- rich businessman, but Ivana Trump insists her new ghostwritten novel isn’t autobiographical. Her litigious ex-husband Donald says it is, and he plans to sue her for violating the gag order in their 1991 divorce agreement. ”He’s just got sour grapes,” pronounces a matron, sweating furiously in her mink. She’s one of hundreds who have ventured out on this balmy spring day to the B. Dalton store on New York’s Fifth Avenue, where the author will sign copies of For Love Alone.

Fifteen minutes late, Ivana swoops in on three-inch heels, flashing a pink frosted smile, her well-sprayed blond hair teased into its trademark twist. A melee ensues as photographers jostle for pictures. Accompanied by her mother, Maria — a small, dumpling-cheeked woman encased in a bright blue dress — Ivana sits down and, with a flourish of her purple felt tip, gets down to signing books. ”Oh, you’re gorgeous, much more gorgeous than I thought you’d be,” exclaims an Armani-clad businessman, one of the first in line. ”Sank you so much,” Ivana replies.

There is much oohing over her oh-so-short gray dress, her slim figure, her prominent jewels (particularly the enormous yellow diamond winking on her left hand). ”We like her because she’s got moxie,” says Brenda Milner, who clutches two copies (an extra for her mother-in-law). ”We like her because she’s such a good dresser-what clothes sense,” gushes a woman who is herself decked out in a purple sequined jogging suit.

The novel comes with a choice of jackets — either black or pink. Men tend to snap up the black-covered version, while women choose the pink. There are as many men as women in line today. And the line seems endless: Harried B. Dalton employees have to call the police, who keep the press in order but fail to control the gawkers. ”If you’re not buying Ivana’s book, please keep the aisles clear,” one cashier bellows. No one moves. Before the day is over, Dalton will sell 400 copies of For Love Alone. As Ivana would say, that’s a ”vunderful” turnout.