I guess it’s a good sign for the future of feminism that nowadays even hardened industry hacks, like former slinky chanteuse Fiona, are ready and willing to leap on the girl-rock bandwagon: The more women of any ilk I see playing electric guitar on MTV, the happier I’ll be. Unfortunately, Squeeze, Fiona’s third record and first attempt at buying some hard-rock credibility, is hollow to the core. She is a worthy enough belter in the early Pat Benatar vein, but the songs on Squeeze, though expressing feminine assertiveness (”Treat Me Right,” ”Nobody Dies of a Broken Heart”) are too musically trite to matter. And Fiona’s banal backing musicians, who sound like they were culled from some New Jersey bar band, come across as a carbon / copy of the bimbo metal band led by Wayne’s major-babe girlfriend, Cassandra (Tia Carrere), in Wayne’s World. That group was intended as a joke. This band just is one. C+

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