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Over The Hill
I am 16, and I watch Beverly Hills, 90210 — almost faithfully. Let me just say to your review: Amen! In the past year, my friends and I have been watching out of habit. If the show focuses more on what is important to teens rather than what should be important, the issues of condoms, or AIDS, or homosexuality could be worked in without flashing ”Real Life Lesson” signs. I don’t know about other teens, but I don’t want to go around saving my friends from themselves — I’m too worried about getting good grades and making curfew.
Jody Handley
Waynesburg, Pa.

Cool ‘Sheet’
No. 1 on my ”Hot Sheet” is Jim Mullen’s Hot Sheet. His listing is humorous, timely, and, when necessary, biting.
Karl F. Kunkel
High Point, N.C.

I wonder if anyone else is getting as bored as I am with your recent descent into the tacky tabloid practice of Barbra Streisand-bashing (in Hot Sheet). When I subscribed to ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, I thought I’d be getting a magazine that would provide serious commentary on entertainment. When I want to read trash, I will pick up one of the rags at the supermarket magazine shelf; when I want good reporting, I hope I will be able to count on EW.
William A. Mahan
Portland, Ore.

Defining Obscenity
I was taken aback by Michael Sauter’s reference to ”three obscenely fat women in silky lingerie” in his video review of The Dark Backward. Would he refer to Denzel Washington as ”obscenely black,” or to Jessica Tandy as ”obscenely old” ? I doubt it, but his comment is just as hateful and ignorant. With such fine actresses today as Kathy Bates and Marienne Sagebrecht, large women have proved that we can be as beautiful and talented as our thinner sisters, and are equally deserving of respect. Your fine magazine is above such childish taunting. Such prejudicial remarks are the true obscenity.
Cheryl Keiper
Ukiah, Calif.

30s Nostalgia
Like Kelli Pryor, I am thrilled with the return of thirtysomething on Lifetime. I’m taping every episode of this wonderful series because I’m afraid network executives are making quality television an endangered species.
Mary Coe
Bridgeport, Conn.

Punk Lives
Ken Tucker’s review of England’s Dreaming about the punk movement was fair — for a book that doesn’t represent our scene. Tucker should know that this ”brief era,” as he states, is still alive and well. Worldwide there are hundreds of thousands of punks and tons of great bands, like G.G. Allin, Nihilistics, Dwarves, etc., to whet our appetite. And a lot of musical styles rip off punk rock. As long as humans exist, so will punk rock.
Ian Abombanation
(Tom Tirrell)
Redondo Beach, Calif.

Beverly Hills, 90210
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