Bruce Willis is a true Scout -- The Boy Scouts of America accused ??The Last Boy Scout?? of not holding true to their tenants

Complaining that the gleefully brutal film is not consistent with its values and aims, the Boy Scouts of America sent a letter of protest to the producers of the metaphorically titled Last Boy Scout. But a closer look shows that Bruce Willis’ detective Joe Hallenbeck really honors most of the tenets of the Boy Scout Law — in his own way.

<p. * Trustworthy He keeps his promises: ”If you touch me again, I’ll kill you.”

* Helpful After catching his wife with his best friend, he offers her useful advice. She: ”I was lonely.” He: ”Buy a dog.”

* Loyal He sticks by his friends. Wayans: ”You don’t like [your wife] much, do you?” Willis: ”At least I liked the guy she was f—ing.”

* Clean On breaking into an apartment, he thoughtfully warns Wayans, ”Don’t touch anything — we don’t want to make a mess for the cops.”

* Friendly Held at gunpoint, he entertains a would-be assassin with hail- fellow-well-met banter: ”I’m not saying [your wife]’s fat, but her high school picture was an aerial photograph.”

* Reverent He respects the sanctity of family: ”[My daughter]’s 13 years old, and if you even look at her funny, I’m gonna stick an umbrella up your ass and open it.”

* Courteous Before punching a senator, he inquires about his preference: ”Head or gut?”

* Cheerful Starting each morning with a positive attitude, he tells himself, ”Smile, you f—.”

* Thrifty He saves money on cigarettes by picking up pre-smoked butts from the gutter.

The Last Boy Scout
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