Macaulay Culkin tried to keep his finances private -- The ''Home Alone'' star wants to keep his movie contract and scripts confidential

He may be Hollywood’s richest kid, but Macaulay Culkin, 11, doesn’t want anyone to know what he has in his piggy bank. Last summer, the child star and 20th Century Fox asked the New York Surrogate Court to keep confidential the contract for the sequel to the hit film Home Alone. Under New York State law, corporations can ask the court to review contracts and scripts involving children; the purpose is to protect minors as well as to prevent them from reneging on a deal. But such contracts then become public record, as did Culkin’s pact for 1989’s Uncle Buck, which shows he earned $40,000.

Culkin’s lawyer and Fox argued that disclosing the Home Alone 2 contract — which would include details of Culkin’s personal wealth in addition to stating his salary and gross (reportedly $5 million and 5 percent) — would pose ”a serious threat” to the actor and ”lead to harassment…by investment advisers or to risk of physical harm.”

But an unconvinced surrogate court judge ruled last month against the star and the studio, calling their fears ”unrealistic.” The decision makes it unlikely that Fox will submit the papers to the court. But if it does, at least one thing will remain secret. While the court ruled that Mac’s paycheck would be made public, the script would remain sealed.