The albums that put the Judd family on the map -- The mother/daughter duo put out a number of records that solidified their positions as twangtown staples

A Judd’s discography

These are what made Wynonna and Naomi the toast of Twangtown:

* The Judds – Wynonna and Naomi A 1983 six-song EP that introduced country’s hippest novelty — a mother-daughter duo so cool you couldn’t tell which was which. These Kentuckians modernized Appalachian front-porch singing with folk, country, blues, jazz, rock, and pop delivered with glove-tight harmony. A … * Why Not Me Stood out on commercial country radio like a new Caddy on a road with battered pickups. Wynonna proved she could caress a sculptured melody and arouse a sleepy lyric. B+ … * Rockin’ With The Rhythm Wynonna acts like she thinks she’s a ”star,” perfecting an Elvis sneer and delivering ”Working in the Coal Mine” with an affected, perpetual hiccup. B- … * Heart Land Both Judds seemingly move to the suburbs. Wynonna invents way-cool (Not!) inflections. C- … * Christmas Time with the Judds Surprise! Traditional Christmas fare done up in inventive neotraditionalist style. B+ … * Greatest Hits Contains the gloppy ”Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Old Days),” but makes up for it with sly rockers. B … * River of Time Wynonna cuts back on the jive, and Naomi blossoms as songwriter. Otherwise not inspired. B- … * Love Can Build A Bridge They settle for infectious grooves instead of real songs. C … * The Judds Collector’s Series Budget-line compilation of selections from the first three albums and River of Time. B- … * Greatest Hits Volume Two Pearls (”Guardian Angels”) outnumber dross (”Young Love [Strong Love]”). B