Eric Clapton, Brooke Shields, and Alec Baldwin made headlines this week

MUSIC: Garth Brooks will trade in his trusty guitar to do a keyboard rendition of Elton John‘s ”Candle in the Wind” on his seven-month concert tour, kicking off this June. So far there are no plans to include the remake on his next album (due in September) or on a just-completed Christmas album. But given Brooks’ chart success with Billy Joel‘s ”Shameless,” don’t count ”Candle” out… * Speaking of Elton, his June CD will include a duet with Eric Clapton, who will tour with him this summer. John is also working on a lush Disney animated feature, King of the Jungle, due in 1993, with lyricist Tim Rice (Jesus Christ Superstar)…

TV: Dream On, HBO’s adult sitcom, has assembled an intriguing cast of political insiders for its season opener in June: Rita Jenrette, Jessica Hahn, and Gennifer Flowers will all play reporters hot on the trail of a scandal involving Martin (Brian Benben). No word on the whereabouts of Fanny Fox

BOOKS: Former Pittsburgh Steeler Terry Bradshaw scored big recently with a $175,000 deal for On Further Review, his take on the current state of football. Simon & Schuster will publish it in fall 1993… * Barbara Leaming, author of books about Rita Hayworth and Orson Welles, will get a cool $500,000 from Crown Publishers to pen Katharine Hepburn‘s saga. Was the high bid worth it? Consider that Hepburn’s autobiography, Me, is still on The New York Times best-seller list…

MOVIES: What won’t you see when Roland Joffe’s 21 4 hour City of Joy opens April 10? The adaptation of Dominique Lapierre‘s 1986 best-seller lost more than a half hour in editing, including scenes of Patrick Swayze‘s attempted suicide and his seduction of Pauline Collins. ”A cut is like a haircut — you have a mass of hair with no shape, and you want to see the personality,” explains Joffe, who stands by his final edit… * Brooke Shields and Liam Neeson attended the Planet Hollywood party for his Under Suspicion under the suspicious eye of Brooke’s mom/manager, Teri. The couple eluded Teri and ducked into another room — so they could smooch in peace… * Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin cut in line for a recent Sunday brunch at Sarabeth’s Kitchen on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. So what’s Justine Bateman — chopped liver? She stood with the other hungry New Yorkers left out in the cold… * A press release for the soundtrack of Dolly Parton‘s new movie, Straight Talk, describes her as ”singer-actress-composer-businesswoman.” Bet she’s loads of fun at board meetings, too.