Thanks to a memorably tasteless publicity campaign a year and a half ago exploiting his romance with actress Linda Evans, Greek-born composer Yanni was able to transform a marginal body of work (a handful of modest-selling pop synthesizer albums plus network sports- show themes, TV-movie scores, and the like) into platinum with Reflections of Passion, a compilation of Linda’s favorite cuts from his previous stuff. Now, on the heels of yet another album of retreads dubbed In Celebration of Life, comes Dare to Dream, Yanni’s first original album since 1989. Though it lacks the sweep and throb that made Reflections of Passion so astoundingly, deliciously awful, Dare to Dream does continue the essential Yanni tradition of lushly romantic, relentlessly uplifting numbers filled with tuneless tunes and orchestral clichés (the ooh-aah cymbal crescendo is still a powerful Yanni trademark). Actually, there is one catchy track here: The album includes the music to a British Airways commercial that’s all over the tube these days. Of course, Yanni didn’t actually write that one (it comes from Léo Delibes’ opera Lakmé), but he was the perfect choice to arrange it. You want a soundtrack for a gigantic happy-face button, Yanni’s your man. D+