All for Love

Here’s a quiz to tell if you’re going to like All for Love:

The music of the following always struck me as too edgy and raw: a) Megadeth b) Slayer c) Barry Manilow.

If C was your answer, prepare to bow down to your new god: Timmy T is a virtual Zeus of sappiness. His second album is awash in morbidly nostalgic hymns to dashed love. Like his 1990 debut, it’s a collection of florid ballads and dinky synth-pop ditties whose sole distinction is their rank amateurism. ) There’s a reason for that. Mr. T’s first big single, ”One More Try,” was a home job, recorded in his garage for under $200 and distributed by tiny Quality Records. By a freak occurrence it wound up going No. 1 (it’s recycled in an acoustic version here). Only a small portion of the bucks the song earned seems to have been funneled back into this production, which is almost as meager and hollow as the entire first album, Time After Time. It’s manna from heaven for all true connoisseurs of schmaltz. But for all others…

All for Love
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