By Alanna Nash
Updated April 03, 1992 at 05:00 AM EST

Somewhere along the line, the Forester Sisters figured out that their audience was largely composed of women in various stages of disentanglement — forever single, newly divorced, and perpetually hoping. Like any good merchants, the Foresters believe in giving their customers what they want, so their records are chock-full of soap opera tunes that boost the morale and feed the fantasies of their fans. On I Got a Date, their 10th album, they sing songs that make fun of the available suitors out there and the mating process in general (”Redneck Romeo”), songs that face the heartache of divorce square on (”She Makes It Look Easy”), and three- minute romance novels that rekindle faith (”Their Hearts Are Dancing”). Much of the material is of the novelty variety and quickly wears thin; the rest just isn’t very interesting. Couple that with their lack of a distinctive soloist, and we’re left with sweet, but unimaginative, harmonies, hardly a bottomless resource.