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I knew that I could count on Entertainment Weekly to deliver an article worthy of the high-quality show Star Trek: The Next Generation (#108, March 6). I also applaud your visuals. Too many articles are accompanied by the same publicity photos of the cast and the same shot of the Enterprise. Your photos showed us the people behind the characters.
Michael G. Kindness

My compliments to Benjamin Svetkey for the service he has provided to all fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It was delightful to see an eight-page spread in your magazine about the show, and I thank you for the insightful interviews and character summaries. I was just sorry to see Wil Wheaton’s character of Wes being the whipping boy once again — I hope Wheaton knows that some of us ”fanatical Trekkies” do support his character and wish him a speedy graduation from the Academy so he can return to the Enterprise again sometime soon.
John T. Gillin
Mukwonago, Wis.

What a pleasure to see Star Trek: The Next Generation saluted on your cover! However, since the meticulous attention to detail that some Trekkies display was pointed out in the article, it was ironic to note that a minor factual error soon followed. Your article referred to Corbin Bernsen and Bebe Neuwirth as guest stars appearing this season as aliens. This isn’t quite accurate. Bernsen appeared two years ago, and Neuwirth was on one year ago.
Ruth E. Radecki
Santa Maria, Calif.

Although you did not fire a photon torpedo through a phaser portal, I noticed a glaring error in your story. You stated that Deanna Troi was turned on by Captain Picard’s legs. In truth, it is actually Counselor Troi’s mother, Lwaxana Troi, who has the hots for Jean-Luc.
Navarro Parker
Wichita, Kan.

This past weekend I used your Parents’ Guide quite literally. My mother does not care for the nudity, graphic violence, and four-letter language of most movies made today. So, when she suggested seeing a particular movie, I turned to my copy of EW. She got to judge for herself without wasting a penny. And Mom saw a ”theater movie” for the first time in seven years, thanks to you.
Rose Lena Gearin
Greenfield, Tenn.

Your article ”Burn, Baby, Burn” was very disturbing. I thought that the Bill of Rights protected us, but if one-third of the attempted bans on books are successful, then it must not. I respect parents’ rights to choose what they feel is suitable for their child. But just because they may find it objectionable doesn’t mean it should be banned. For those of us who would like to fight this censorship, would you please print an address of an organization we may write to?
Mary Murphy
Frost, Tex.

Editor’s Note: The National Coalition Against Censorship, 2 W. 64th St., New York, N.Y. 10023, (212) 724-1500.