Madonna and Luke Perry's regrets -- The stars wish ''Bliss'' & ''A Certain Sacrifice'' didn't exist

Terminal Bliss, Luke Perry’s first movie, made in 1989, is giving the 90210 heartthrob interminable heartburn. Though the San Jose Mercury News praised this look at the troubled lives of rich kids after a screening at the 1990 Mill Valley (Calif.) Film Festival, the movie didn’t open until recently.

Perry has said he regrets having done this film. He shouldn’t worry: Bliss might terminate any day. It grossed $234,500 in its opening weekend, averaging a measly $670 per screen for 350 theaters.

Meanwhile, Madonna’s 1979 screen debut, a violent, arty student film titled A Certain Sacrifice, has just been released on video at $9.99 a pop. Unlike Perry, though, she isn’t kvetching. ”I think ignoring it is an excellent thing to do,” says Madonna’s publicist, Liz Rosenberg.